Essential Features You Should Seek For VPS Hosting in Online Marketing

You want to take a big leap, as you begin the journey your shared server jerks with overloading traffic and the business is going to crash. There is nothing that can save you outright, in these moments of crisis there is no other option than trusted VPS servers in Dubai that can make sure to handle your business websites and the valuable data with utmost care and confidentiality.

Finding A Competent VPS Hosting Provider


Finding a competent VPS is not although impossible but it involves lots of patience to go through a lot of hosting previous and present clients’ feedbacks regarding the various VPS hosting providers and customer response time to critical hosting issues etc., so that a webmaster gets a fair idea about what to get from the service provider.

Following are some key notes that a webmaster should keep in mind while registering with a hosting company providing VPS hosting in Dubai:

Valuable Features

Make sure that a hosting providing company provides a webmaster with a VPS server hosting that is fully equipped with valuable features. Properties like advance storage management, scalability, and fault tolerance are among the most needed and some of the best virtualization management attributes provided with a VMware platform.

Flexible VPS Server

Flexibility is the best aspect of a VPS server hosting where the VPS takes care to transform your services and specification according to the change in traffic and load on the server. VPS hosting services are well capable of handling variabilities in traffic so that a client has to pay for what he uses rather than sticking up with a plan that would leave plenty of unused RAM and memory that could have been allotted to someone else.

Hardware Specifications


Hardware configurations like RAM and disk space of the server are essential entities to decide about any VPS hosting plan in Dubai. A RAM that is compatible with the server actually defines the performance of a server. The capability of a server, power consumption, and the processing speed solely depends on the capacity of the memory. When there are a number of websites running online with huge web traffic, the RAM capacity at present would not suffice to hold on. There can be an arrangement called Backup RAM that can ease off load at times of heavy traffic and prevent the fluctuation in running applications.

Control Panel To Easily Manage A Server

Control Panels are the most influential aspects of any dedicated hosting. VPS server hosting also needs control panels like WHM to systematize and manage a number of domains, email accounts, MySQL database and PHP all within a single login ID. WHM Cpanel restructures the complication of dealing with multiple accounts securely within a single VPS hosting package.

24/7 Technical Support


Technical customer support system with response time is the lifeline of any VPS hosting facility. The VPS hosting provider must ensure to get back the customers queries ASAP considering the criticality of the issue. The customer support team should be professional and skillful. Support team should be the master of their art. All of this is essential for a hosting company to sort out any technical or hosting related queries raised by the client. The service provider in VPS server hosting has to offer the best security and highest uptime to keep the inbound traffic steady.

Never Compromise On Quality

The websites of a client are the money banks that generate revenues for him, so the cost of Virtual dedicated server hosting should not be cheap to save money. Instead of a suitable service provider who seems trustworthy to offer VPS hosting services within budget but never compromise on the noteworthy features like 24 x 7 customer support through emails, tickets, phone or live chat along with the security issues and server uptime.

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